How to renew passport when expired

Expired passportIf you want to visit any foreign country, you need to have a valid passport and if you already have one you need to make sure, it is valid and has not been expired. Passports are valid for 5 – 10 years and it is recommended to renew it before the expiration date. The best way to be sure you will be able to fly any time is by having a valid passport in all time.

If your passport yet to be expired please go to how to renew passport and found the right info you need.

When you wish to renew your expired passport, check if it has been expired for less or more than 5 years. Why? Because this factor will determine which procedure you will have to go through.  If the expiration date is more than five years, then you are not eligible to renew it and will have to go through the process of applying for a new passport.

When your passport expires within less than 5 years, you are entitled to renew it via mail. The renewal process take between 2-4 weeks, if you are not in hurry this is a relatively an easy way to do so. In case you are looking to renew your expired passport as soon as possible, read how to expedite your passport.

The basic steps for renewing your expired passport by mail:

Step 1

Make sure your passport expiration date is not over 5 years as mention before.

Step 2

Fill out form DS – 82, make sure all information us correct and clear.

Step 3

Make sure to have 2 passport photos.

Step 4

You need proof of Id, your old passport will do the job, make sure to have a copy of your passport.

Step 5

Send all documents and the right fee (in money order or a check for the state department).

If your passport is damage you will not be able to renew it, you will have to get a new one, as if this is your first passport application.

In case you are traveling by sea or land to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean’s or the Bermuda and you are in poses of a passport card, it will do the job for traveling to these countries. Other than that, your passport (book) is the only way to leave the US.

How to renew your expired passport fast

Exspidet your passportIn some cases, people need their new /old /expired passport in a hurry due to an unplanned vacation, a business flight, a trip or emergency. If you need your passport to be expedite or you just want someone else to handle the procedure for you, you can go to specializes expedite service companies. Whether your passport has been expired for more or less than five years, using this kind of service will make the renewal process much faster. You will have of course to pay extra money for this kind of service. There is also a governmental expedite service (which take more time). For more information about the expedite option.

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