How to renew passport post office

How To Renew Passport Post Office:

If you plan to leave out of country and wherever it might be you need to have a valid passport to enter into that country.

You need to make sure if the passport that you have is valid or not. In case if it is getting expired or if it has already expired then you need to get it renewed as soon as possible. There are so many ways in which you can get your passport renewed.

If you want to know as to how to renew passport post office then you can go to the nearby post office and request for the application form to be sent by mail.

There are certain things that you need to carry if you want renew your passport through postoffice.


There are certain criteria that you have to adhere if you want renew your passport:

  • Like you must not have 16 years at the time of issue of your previous passport .
  • If your passport has been damaged or lost you cannot apply for the renewal of the passports.

You need to send three new photos along with the application and other necessary documents.

If you want to know as to how to renew passport via post office, then the process is very simple provided you have all the necessary documents and personal details in ready with you.

You can either get the application downloaded from online or you can request it from the post office and get it filled correctly.

In case if there is a change of name then you need to provide the supporting documents to support it. You also need to make sure that you get to bring two types of identification proof when you come for the appointment.

How to renew your passport at the post office

If you want to know as to how to renew passport in post office then see that you carry all the necessary documents with you for your appointment otherwise it will be rejected.

You should also make the payment for the application through cheque or money order with the help of which you can track your application. Once you have mailed all the necessary documents with the application then you will get the passport delivered to your address.

A person who want to know as to how to renew your passport at the post office then you can log on to the website and get to read all the information that you need to know about the processing of your passport renewal application through the post office.

When you send the renewal application through mail always send them through the traceable services like courier so that it will be easy to track your application quickly. Once you have applied it will take a few weeks of time to get it processed and the new passport will be sent to your address.



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