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how to renew passport

The process of renewing your passport is fairly different from getting it issued for the first time. The process for the same has been made painless, with a few changes made at the official level.  How to renew passport   is a common question asked by a lot of people, so here are the requirements.

You can renew your passport by mail if:

  • 1

    You have received it in the last fifteen years

  • 2

    It has expired only within the last five years

  • 3

    You were sixteen years or above when you first received it

  • 4

    Your name has remained unchanged

  • 5

    It is undamaged

  • In case of any change you can produce legal documents

If any of the above does not apply to you, you must renew  it in person .

Passport renewal using postal services

How to renew passport by mail

Keep the following things in mind and make sure you do not fall short of following them, as this might create problems in the process of passport renewal.
There are number of forms you need to fill during the process of renewal. It must be carefully followed, as every form given online is important and carries important information.

  • Other than those forms, you should also have:
  • i

    A copy of the expired passport

  • ii.

    A recent picture – original as well as a scan copy

  • iii.

    Moreover, get your online banking account activated for the processing fee of the it.

How to renew passport in – 5 steps

  • 1

    Complete the DS-82 Form for applying for renewal, electronically/online and sign Online. options are made clear with instructions on the website; select and submit accordingly.

  • 2

    Sign and add date

  • 3

    Enclose two photographs as specified

    • A

      2”x2” recent photos

    • B

      Size between your crown and bottom of chin is to be 1 3/8 inches and 1 inch

    • C

      Color photographs to be given

    • D

      Off – white or white background

    • E

      Portrait view of full face

    • F

      Nothing should obstruct the front facial view

    • G

      No headgear, hat covering hairline or covering the head

    • H

      Except prescribed and for medical reasons, no sunglasses or tinted lenses to be used

    • I

      Digitalized or self made photos are not accepted

  • 4

    Enclose your old or most recent passport. Supporting documents must be included in case of name change or any other details that may have to be rectified e.g. marriage certificate, any court order, divorce decree, change of address proof, etc.

    • *

      Travel document/ticket copy in case you are travelling immediately

    • *

      For child below sixteen years you have to complete Form DS – 11

    • *

      Fees – required amount by money order, draft, also cash if applied in person

    • *

      Use a large self addressed envelope that has a tracking bar code

  • 5

    Check all documents and place each one neatly and carefully in another large envelope. Please do not fold any of the above papers, photographs, etc before you mail them to the Consular department for your passport renewal process to begin. To receive renewed passports your address should be in United States of America or Canada; nowhere else.

  • Please note that you cannot apply via mail if it has been damaged or disfigured in any way. You may check the official website to verify current renewal fees.

Faster methods to get a passport

It takes six weeks to get a passport renewed using the postal services. However, if you are scheduled to travel prior to this, then, you need to renew it as soon as possible. These days this is not a situation that cannot be handled.

There are a number of companies working online and which render services to people who needs expedited services,  This however can be a bit expensive, as compared to the normal process of getting it renewed, but we guess you won’t miss your flight for extra money.

Expedition could be a step ahead on renewing it. If you require fast processing of your renewal application, then there are other options as well. The State department can be contacted for expedition. The department usually takes at least three weeks to get the it to you by mail. On the other hand, if you feel those three weeks is still quite a long time to get your it renewed then for faster processing you can look for expedition professionals online.

These people will not take more than 24 hours to get it to you; however, like mention before, this service could cost quite an amount, but will be worth the money spent. If you have sufficient time and feel that there is no hurry in getting it renewed then you can move ahead with the State department. However, make sure, for smooth and fast processing you need to submit your documents in a proper manner.

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